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About us

What We Do

Libera is an ecosystem where you can capture the maximum yield or extend your payment terms due to timely payment to suppliers.

We have more than 6 years of successful experience in the corporate and business financial services market

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Why Businesses Choose us

The main reasons why our customers select to be part of our ecosystem are:

Operational support:

Our specialized team will help you to hit your goal.

Multibanking Funding:

Select self-funding, third-party funding or blended strategies

ERP Integration:

Real time operations allow for smarter and faster decisions.

Customized platform:

Our cloud based platform is completely customizable with the brand of your company.

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Pricing Options

Find the perfect plan for your business

We offer three diferrent benefits that completely cover the needs of our clients. Feel free to select a preferable plan or learn more about each of them below.

Organizational efficiency

Save 42% of the time managing and paying suppliers

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Save expenses

Reduce up to a 5% in expenses
to suppliers

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Save Taxes

Optimize taxes during
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